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We are so lucky to have the Kistefos museum near by - this museum has become even more known after the opening of the Twist Gallery in september 2019.

The sculpture park

Kistefos has 46 sculptures by prominent contemporary artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Claes Oldenburg, Olafur Eliasson, Anish Kapoor, Fernando Botero, Jeppe Hein, Tony Cragg, and Elmgreen & Dragset. The works range from the monumental to the unobtrusive, the profound to the playful. The sculpture collection is permanent and many of the sculptures are site-specific, meaning that the artist has created the artwork especially for Kistefos, directly inspired by the history, cultural heritage or nature of the place.

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Photo: Bodil Bach


Nearby Kistefos you will find Hadeland Glassverk. Founded in 1762, Hadeland Glassverk is Norway's oldest industrial company with continuous operations. The production of glass at Hadeland Glassworks still takes place according to the same methods as over 250 years ago. Watch glass come into being and try yourself as a glass blower yourself.

It is the oldest inustrial company in Norway with continuous operations. The entire area around Glassverket is like a cozy little village with many unique shops, galleries and eateries.

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The story

Photo: sandalsand.net


Galleri Klevjer is an art gallery localized not far from Hønefoss at Helgelandsmoen Næringspark.

Thomas Jørgen Klevjer paints his intelligent and funny interpretations of the fairy tales and their writers and illustrators, so well that the audience does not have to be annoyed by the poor craftsmanship. The pictures are sometimes quite slick and a bit naive, but it does dress them well. The best of them are clear and full of light. The young artist has looked at Norwegian adventure treasures both with an open and childish mind and with the interpretative flair that the postmodern artist often reveals.

Café 1920 is open every Saturday from 11am to 4pm and Sundays from 12am to 5pm.

The café is an "installation" and a reconstruction of Baker Narum's former café in Hønefoss from 1920. The entire interior of the room is original from the old café on the 2nd floor of Søndre Torv and those who serve are wearing period clothes from the period.

“Lille Handleri” operates the café and serves cake and sandwiched goods during the gallery opening hours. Here you can enjoy fresh baked goods and coffee in a unique atmosphere. A trip back in time!

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Photo: Galleriklevjer.no


Ringerike museum was founded in 1923. It acquired and moved into the enormous timber building Norderhov vicarage around 1960. The house dates back to 1635, and until 1960 it was the residence of the vicar of Norderhov church. 

Ringerike museum, laying next to Norderhov church. Here you can also visit Hjemmestyrkemuseet - home forces museum- and other exhibitions from Hole and Ringerike.

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District meeting at the museum 2016. Photo: Bodil Bach


Veien Cultural Heritage Park is located approximately one hour north-west of Oslo by car,  close by Hønefoss city. The area consists of over 100 grave mounds from the Early Iron Age, a reconstructed longhouse and a museum. Here you can se archaeological excavations, the oldest tracs of human beings here are approximately 5000 years old.

The museum is open most of the year. During the summer the longhouse and the museum are open every day except Monday. 

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