SIE Best Practice Award

OVERALL WINNER 2012: Ensure equal access to education and training for women and girls throughout their lifespan.


In 1985, the Norwegian Union started a foundation and offered its first grants in 1990. Every second year, the Norwegian clubs elect a club to head the Foundation on behalf of SI Norway. The primary goal of this foundation is to promote, through funding, the education and training of women who otherwise would not have the financial resources needed to continue their education.

The support of women’s professional training in developing countries is at the heart of this foundation. Preference is given to the applicants for basic professional training at secondary school level in their home country. In 2010, 48 applicants received financial aid from the Education Foundation of SI Norway. This project has been running for over 25 years.

2011 - best project under PROGRAMME FOCUS OBJECTIVE 8:

Soroptimists of the Borge Club in Norway are helping to bridge the gap between racial divides, by creating lasting ties with women of immigrant communities fromSomalia, Kosovo, Kurdistan, Iraq, and Nigeria. They collaborated with the Local Voluntary Service Centre to organize multi-culturalmeetings and events that provide immigrant women with an insight on Norwegian traditions and culture, while giving SI Clubmembers a better understanding of the women’s lives and situations.

The Club and Service Center have held discussions on relevant topics, such as the prohibition of female genital mutilation. In order to promote a feeling of belonging andwell-being, they also organized baking, sewing, swimming, and cycling courses, arranged walking tours, held Christmas parties at members’ homes, and hosted annual fashion shows where women proudly displayed ensembles from their home countries. This interaction between immigrant women and the SI Club of Borge has enabled better mutual understanding, created new friendships and given the women a positive outlook on the Norwegian culture.


Happy winners from Norway 2012
Happy winners from Norway 2012
Bakin traditional Norwegian "lefse"
Baking traditional Norwegian "lefse" - best project category 8-2011