Arkiv prosjekter

Europaføderasjonens 2-årige prosjekter:

2015-2017:" Soroptimists Invest in Education"
2013-2015: "Soroptimists go green"
2011-2013: "Soroptimists go for water and food" 
2008-2011: "Soroptimists go for water"
2005-2007: "Women building Peace through Local Heritage"
2001-2003: Education - The Key to Progress. Let Soroptimists Make the Difference
1999-2001: Into the 21st Century with Youth
1997-1999: The Child and Violence
1995-1997: Friendship without borders and multiculturisme
1991-1993: Plant a tree, plant a hope

SOROPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL (SI) sitt nåværende tema og tidligere prosjekter:
2011-2021: Soroptimists for education and leadership
2008-2011: Project SIerra - A Family and a Future
2004-2007: "Project Independence: Women Survivers of War"
1999-2003: Limbs for Life
1995-1999: SIAM - SI Aids Mediation
1992-1995: Save the Sight of the Under-Fives
1987-1991: An Integrated Development Programme for women in Peru
1983-1987: The Senegal Water Project
1979-1983: The South Pacific Community Education Training Centre
1979-1983: The Caribbean Day Care Centres
1975-1979: The Maldives Health Boats



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