The Road to Equality

President i Soroptimist International, Sharon Fisher, sin appell 2019-2021, "The Road to Equality", har fokus på hvordan soroptimistene kan bidra til bedre likestilling mellom kjønnene.

Innsamlede midler skal brukes til å støtte prosjekter som har med utdanning, myndiggjøring og aktivisering av kvinner.

Noen av temaene vil være å hindre barneekteskap, kjønnslemlestelse, vold i hjemmet, menneskehandel, grensevandring og eldre kvinners rettigheter.

Sharon Fisher vil satse på seminarer, webinarer og samarbeid med andre organisasjoner. Hun sier: Ingen kan gjøre jobben alene – vi må stå sammen.

SI-president Sharon Fisher: The Road to Equality
"Women and girls represent half the world’s population and therefore, half of its potential. But the road is long, and we have many miles to travel to achieve full equality of rights and opportunities. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to end the multiple forms of gender violence and secure equal access to quality education and health, economic resources and participation in leadership, decision making and political life. So please join me and bring your friends on this road trip as we travel: “The Road to Equality” the focus of the Presidents Appeal for the next 2 years.

On this Road to Equality we want to use seminars, webinars, networking partnerships, our networks of neighbours, friends and family and our lived experiences to turn up the volume on the Rights of Women and Girls.

To ensure the sustainability of our organization we need to come together globally and locally to work on the complex problems that are creating turmoil in our world. We need to work with others. We need to fight the pushback. We need to celebrate the perseverance of those who have overcome adversity for they are the ones that can rise and tell their stories. Let’s change the narrative to show the benefits of equality and not spend time debating which issue is the most important. Gender Equality is a cross cutting issue and women and girls are at the centre.

We will target some of the worst causes of inequality and learn the root causes, hear stories from those who are in the “fight” for change and develop our voices to become advocates. Change comes when enough people are talking and if you know the topic and you tell one person and they tell one person and they tell one person until so many are talking about something it cannot be ignored. We have eager Soroptimist members who want to tell you their stories after being impacted by the issues we will bring to the appeal. We have global friends we work with; we have UN Reps who follow these issues and we have Position papers called Where We Stand that align with each chosen topic and most importantly, we have you and all your friends to talk the talk.

Depending on your generosity and our fundraising skills, we will select up to 5 topics for project work and apply funding to support each to bring us best practices that showcase the impact and share the stories that will supplement our Soroptimist advocacy initiatives.

Topics may include FGM, Child and Forced Marriage, the Rights of Older Women, Domestic Violence, Modern Day Slavery and Migration."

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