SNLA Soroptimist Nordic Leadership Academy

SNLA 2019 will be in Rauma, Finland June 23-29.

What is SNLA?  
It is a short, intensive education in the principles of leadership and self-development for young women. It will take place on an annual basis during the summer vacation in a Nordic country on a rotating basis. Sweden was first country out with SNLA 2017 at Öland, Norway second with SNLA 2018 at Røros. SNLA is based on a model started in Macedonia in cooperation with the Union of Turkish Soroptimists. All sessions are held in English.

Why are we doing this? 
Soroptimists have a mission to “Educate to Lead” – to give young women a better chance to develop and to take on leadership roles in society, politics, work and many other aspects of modern life. We believe that this is of vital importance in the constant fight to improve life and human rights for women and girls in the world.

Who can participate in SNLA?
We offer this opportunity to young women living in the Nordic countries – aged between 18-30, who are interested in leadership and want to make a contribution to society. We are hoping to fill up to 50% of the available 20-25 places with young women who have an immigrant background, to further assist the process of integration in the Nordic countries. From Norway we will send 4 participants.

What are the benefits of doing this?
During and after the three sessions of the Leadership Academy in Macedonia, we have seen a clear development of self-confidence and ability to take the lead demonstrated by the young women who have attended. They have also formed strong network contacts to help support them in the future. In addition, we are spreading the word about Soroptimism in the Nordic countries, and the young women who get to know us are clearly potential future Soroptimists who will keep our organisation moving forward.

Does it cost a lot?
The calculated cost for each participant, including an estimated travel cost will be approximately €1,000. The Soroptimist Union of Norway will cover all costs for the participants from Norway, including travel costs assuming the participants choose the most inexpensive way of travel.

Application form and deadline for 2019 is to be announced.


Updated 090119/tl

SNLA 2018 Røros, Norge
SNLA 2017 (foto fra Facebook)
SNLA 2017 Øland, Sverige (foto fra Facebook)