“Valgt det...” - a performance about human trafficking

According to the United Nations human trafficking is the second largest illegal economy in the world, only surpassed by arms trafficking. Women and children are targeted victims of a market controlled by supply and demand.

The objective of the play "Valgt det..." is to give the victims of human trafficking a face, tell their horrifying stories and to create debate. Through meticulous research, the actors have interviewed the police, the rescue systems and victims, and have put together a heartbreaking performance about real humans, woven into a tapestry of human trafficking in Norway today. The initiative for the performance came from the Soroptimist Union of Norway, with funding from the Ministry of Justice and Public Security. Soroptimists work for a better life for women and girls, and the fight against human trafficking is a crucial part of our work.

"Valgt det..." was awarded "Project of the Year" by Soroptimist International of Europe in 2018. Read more about the award here.   

The target group for the play is young people and adults. Organisations, businesses, high schools and others may book this performance. For more information please contact Beathe Frostad at post@valgtdet.no.  


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"Valgt det...", a performance about human trafficking. Photo: Juan Jose Jiminez Tirado.
On stage: Per Jostein Aarsand and Beathe Frostad. Photo: Jon Gorospe.