“Valgt det...” a performance about human trafficking

– the slavery of modern times

Project of the year 2018 / Soroptimist International of Europe 
Best Practice Awards Brochure pp 8-11

According to the UN, human trafficking is now the second largest illegal economy in the world, only beaten by arms deals. Women and children are targeted victims of a market controlled by supply and demand.

The play is by and with Beathe Frostad og Astrid Elise Sæterøy. Through meticulous research, where they have interviewed the police, the rescue systems and victims, they have put together very personal stories and mixed them with hard facts and made a heartbreaking performance about real humans – with all their hopes and dreams. All of this is woven into a tapestry of human trafficking in Norway today. This is happening all over our country and is connected to poverty, war and the dreams of a better life. The main focus is to give the victims of trafficking a face, tell their horrifying stories and to create debate.

The Soroptimist Union of Norway had the initiative for the performance and got some funding from the Ministry of Justice and Public Security. The target group is young people and adults. Soroptimists work for a better life for women and girls, locally, nationally and internationally.  The fight against human trafficking is a crucial part of our work.   

Organisations, businesses, high schools and others may book this performance. For more information please contact Beathe Frostad, e-mail: post@valgtdet.no, phone 986 29 520. 


Beathe Frostad is among the more professional storytelling actors in Norway with a long experience in storytelling for adults, youth and children. She has worked at festivals both in Norway and abroad. She has been touring from the south tip of Norway to the far north in Finnmark, and worked with Den Kulturelle Skolesekken which is state funded performances for schools. She was one of the actors in the performance called  ”Hva skriver de hjem om? – En forestilling om menneskehandel” (What do they write home about – a story about human trafficking) which foremost told the story of the textile industry and how the modern consumer society work around this problem.

Astrid Elise Sæterøy. Freelance actor. She has also worked at festivals at home and abroad. She has been on tour with freelance groups:  De onde halvsøstrene, Grimsborken, Teater Joker and Gorgon Produksjoner. She has played in many productions for Den Kulturelle Skolesekken: examples: "Skreddersydd Prøysen", "Djeveltanna"  and the puppet theatre: "Sterk gutt", the solo performance of  "En grimm halvtime", and a performance of masks:  "Den sorte høna".


INITIATIVE by Soroptimist International Norway  

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security has funded the production.



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